Officers 2011-13

Last revised: 12 Dec 2012

2011 – 2013

Governor General – William A. Buckaway, Jr.
Deputy Governor General – Lynn T. Shea
Treasurer General – Jeanette Russell Wortham
Registrar General – Sharon M. Withers
Recording Secretary General – Arthur H. Dietz, Jr.
Corresponding Secretary General – Laura S. Jones
Historian General – William C. Schrader, III
Chancellor General – C. William Swinford, Jr.
Chaplain General – Shirley Settle
Editor of The Kentuckian – Freida Curtis Wheatley
Color Guard Captain – J. David Sympson
Mace – Ronald D. Bryant

Honorary Governors General:

Mary David Myles (2009-2011)
Jack J. Early (2007-2009)
Ronald D. Bryant (2005-2007)